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Isco and Asensio vindicate themselves vs Melilla

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Stellar performances from Isco and Asensio against Melilla in Copa del Rey, Vinicius Junior was also on point with 1 goal and 1 assist.

For Isco and Asensio, things were starting to get a little complicated under new manager Santiago Solari and they desperately needed a great performance in order to gain back a little confidence in their game.

Isco’s case was quite more pressing as he had been constantly scrutinized for not having a good relationship with Santiago Solari, Asensio’s case was slightly less concerning as he was only underperforming since the start of the season but didn’t really have any problems with the new manager.

This Thursday against Melilla, was a perfect opportunity for both players to get back on track and they didn’t disappoint.

It was a relatively easy opponent after they were able to win the first Copa del Rey match with a convincing 4-0 victory, but Real was playing at the Bernabeu and they really wanted to make a good impression with the fans.

Asensio started the goal-fest with a great solo goal after 30 minutes of the first half had passed, then Vinicius made his appearance two minutes later to assist Marco from the left flank and let Real Madrid take a 2-0 lead.

Just before the 40th minute of the game, Asensio was able to confirm his Player of the Match status with an assist to Javi Sanchez.

Marco delivered two goals and one assist in the span of only six minutes, this was more than enough for Real Madrid to completely shut down any hopes Melilla had to turn the game around.

But the match was still on the first half, it was far from over and we still had at least three more goals to watch.

Isco hadn’t appeared yet, but he did it in the 47th minute with a beautiful long-range goal that gave Los Blancos their fourth of the night and a breath of fresh air to Isco who barely celebrated scoring this goal.

Throughout the second half, it was Vinicius tho took the lead of all offensive plays with his explosive dribbling coming from the left flank.

The Brazilian was determined to score his goal, which came fifteen minutes away from the final whistle after a double effort because they goalkeeper was able to deflect his first shot.

‘Vinny’ was finally able to get a proper goal, unlike the one he got the first time through a rebound.

For Melilla, playing this stage of the Copa del Rey was already a major achievement. They had already received Real Madrid’s visit a couple of weeks back and all the players wanted was to play at the Santiago Bernabeu, they never really expected to upset Los Blancos.

Any goal they scored against Real Madrid would be celebrated as if they had already won the title itself, the moment finally came through Qasmi and all the players ended up very grateful for the massive opportunity.

At the end of the match, Isco was able to get his second goal that gave Real Madrid a 6-1 victory with an aggregate 10-1 in total.

This victory puts both Asensio and Isco back in Solari’s radar, they really needed this performance in order to shake off the bad luck they had attracted to themselves in the last few months.

Solari proved that he was really happy with not only the result, but also the fact that he seems to have recovered two of his most important players for Real Madrid.

Which goal was your favorite from Real Madrid’s 6-1 victory against Melilla? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.