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It really is gutting: Declan Rice

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The West Ham United midfielder feels that England was the architect of their own demise as they lost in the UEFA Nations League Semifinal.

England was defeated 3-1 by the Netherlands in yesterday’s UEFA Nations League Semifinal.

And for West Ham United midfielder Declan Rice, the Three Lions was the architect of their own demise.

“It’s gutting, it really is, it really is gutting,” he was quoted by Goal.

“It’s tough. I’m lost for words. The first half, we went out there and tried to play our stuff and we obviously had the lead, which I thought was deserved.”

“Holland didn’t really create any chances at all in the first half and then, the second half, we just kind of sat back and we didn’t do what we did in the first half,” he said.

“We didn’t get up in their faces and make it difficult.”

“They obviously got the equalizer from a corner, which is gutting because we work on them day in, day out, and obviously [we had] that VAR controversy again, which was really tight and might have changed the game a bit,” he explained.

“Holland won and we cost ourselves the game with two mistakes and I’m gutted about it.”

“Look, he is a great player, John Stones, and that’s his game, he takes risks,” Rice added.

“It doesn’t matter that he’s done that, we’re all behind him.”

He commented: “We all know we make mistakes in football.”

“The manager backs him, we all back him and it’s one of those things in football where, if you make a mistake, you’ve got to pick your head up and go again.”