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Italian legend questions Ronaldo’s antics on the pitch

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After all his drama against Genoa, Cristiano Ronaldo’s attitude was questioned by one of Italy’s greatest goal-scorers in recent times. 

This tends to happen quite often when Cristiano Ronaldo feels frustrated, he just got criticized by another football legend. It was Luca Toni the one who disapproved of Cristiano’s drama this time around. This happened often in Real Madrid or Manchester United when he did something worthy of criticism. We need to understand how his mind works before passing judgment.

As one of the most voracious goal-scorers in football history, we should all consider this attitude from Ronaldo as normal. At this stage of his career, getting flustered by a simple tantrum from him speaks volumes of how little they know him. Even though we agree that all players should celebrate victories as a whole, Cristiano is a very different animal. You want to keep him with that hunger and that unsatisfied. Especially at his age. 

Luca Toni disapproves of Ronaldo. 

What we can say is that if the criticism remains constant, Cristiano Ronaldo won’t like to remain in Italian football for much longer. Luca Toni was the latest to come after the Juventus star for not celebrating his teammates’ goals. After the Bianconeri won against Genoa, any other player would’ve celebrated with his teammates. But not Ronaldo, he was unhappy because he didn’t score a goal. The man has that Gonzalo Higuain record in his sights and he knows that match was ideal to get closer. Give the man a break!

This is what Luca Toni said on Tuttosport: “Ronaldo is very important for Juventus. He’s the leading goalscorer, he scored a lot. But I’m not impressed by some of his attitude towards the group. I think back to when I was playing. “I was very selfish and if I didn’t score, I still remained on the pitch to celebrate anyway. I endured the disappointment. “Regardless of whether it was a coincidence or not, you don’t throw the shirt. Sometimes a great champion has to lead by example.”