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Italian postal service hits back at Sarri

Maurizio Sarri, Juventus
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The Italian postal service has hit back at Maurizio Sarri’s no pressure in the post office comments.

Following Maurizio Sarri’s Juventus sides defeat to Verona, he made some comments about pressure on the job. It seemed like his analogy was a touch derogatory to the Italian postal service, Poste Italiane.

He said:

“If I didn’t want to be under pressure I would have worked at the Post Office.”

Well, now the Poste Italian are fighting back, inviting the Juventus manager to sample the stresses he so rudely belittled.

In a tweet on their official twitter account, they welcomed Sarri to any of their facilities to try his luck.

The statement read:

“Contrary to what Mr. Sarri claims, pressure does exist at the Post Office.”

“It is responsible to citizens, businesses and public administrations.”

“Poste Italiane invites Mr. Sarri to spend a few minutes of his precious time discovering that the Poste is the largest company in the country.”

“We are waiting for him in one of our 15,000 centers so that he can see our daily work in person.”