It’s a new era for us: Lucas Moura

The Tottenham Hotspur footballer believes it’s time for his team to start thinking about lifting trophies.

Tottenham Hotspur was defeated in the UEFA Champions League Final by Liverpool.

And for Spurs footballer Lucas Moura, the team has to be thinking about lifting trophies soon.

“I think it’s a new era for us,” he told Sky Sports.

“We’ve got more confidence. I think we are on another level now, with the Champions League final, with the new stadium.”

The Tottenham footballer added: “I think people believe more in us now, and it’s time to confirm this. Confirm that we are a big team, a big club and we have a great squad.

“It’s time to dream with a trophy – that is our objective now. We will do our best for this.”

Carragher urges Klopp to bolster Liverpool ASAP

The former English Premier League footballer believes Liverpool need new signings if they are to win the national competition someday.

“It was difficult because every player wants to play,” he added.

“But even more difficult was to lose the game because I really think we could do better – we could win this trophy. We had the quality for this, so it was the most difficult.”

“I need to respect the decision of the coach, respect my team-mates, so no problem. I’m looking forward now to next season and win a trophy – that’s my objective here,” Moura concluded.


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