It’s heart-breaking: Dele Alli

The Tottenham Hotspur footballer was left speechless after they failed to win the UEFA Champions League title.

Tottenham Hotspur was defeated 2-0 by Liverpool in yesterday’s UEFA Champions League Final.

The team reached the Final for the first time in their history and ended up losing against the Reds.

And footballer Dele Alli admits the team was devastated afterward.

“It’s heart-breaking, no-one is really speaking,” he said to The Liverpool Echo.

“It’s time to reflect on what could have been.”

He added: “At the same time, and it’s difficult now, but we also have to look at how far we’ve come in reaching this final.

“It’s hard to take the positives right now but over time, players, staff, and fans, when we look back at the journey together… this isn’t the end.”

Hard work overrides instinct: Harry Kane

According to Tottenham Hotspur superstar, Harry Kane, his 156 goals in 255 games are just thanks to hard work and nothing else.

“We have to keep working, keep improving and take the feeling we have now of disappointment, that hurt and use it to drive us on,” he added.

Goalkeeper Hugo Lloris also explained: “I don’t think that Tottenham is the type of club to challenge for the Champions League every season.”

“We have to be honest.”

“But one thing is sure, we are ambitious and we try to reduce the gap with the best teams in the world, step by step,” he said.

“I think in three years we showed a lot of improvement in the right direction. Probably with the new stadium it will bring fresh confidence to the club.”


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