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“It’s not a divorce!” Icardi’s agent won’t rule out Inter return

Mauro Icardi, Wanda Nara, Inter Milan
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Mauro Icardi’s wife and agent, Wanda Nara, refused to rule out an Inter Milan return for the striker and insists they’re only taking a time-out.

Following months of near-constant speculation, Icardi finally left Inter during Monday’s transfer deadline for a surprise season-long loan move to Paris Saint-Germain.

The 26-year-old, who signed a one-year contract extension with Inter prior to completing the loan move, could sign up permanently for PSG next summer for a reported €70m.

It brought an end to a tense period for Icardi, who lost the Nerazzurri captaincy in February after his relationship with the club broke down. They then handed new signing Romelu Lukaku his old No.9 jersey, and completely froze him out of the first-team picture.

But Wanda, who recently confessed the PSG move wasn’t ideal for her family, insists Inter may not have seen the last of Icardi yet.

“It’s not a divorce, Mauro and Inter are like lovers who are taking time to reflect,” she told Corriere della Sera.

“Relationships have deteriorated due to many misunderstandings, but his desire to play for Inter and love of the fans remain.

“In a long relationship there are crises. Ultimately we leave each other with a relationship that’s been patched up and without any betrayal.

“Inter needed to sell Icardi. Mauro would never have left the club as captain. It was a strategy to sell him.

“They took his armband away to sell him, so he was told. Last year he refused to move to another team.

“He replied: ‘I’m the captain and I’m not leaving.’ From there, relationships broke and they had other ideas.”

Reports in the Italian press regularly linked Icardi in a trade deal with Juventus involving Gonzalo Higuain plus €50m.

When asked about this rumour, Wanda replied: “I won’t mention the name of the team. But the other player came to Milan, just not to Inter…

“If Mauro had said [the team’s name] clearly, things would’ve turned out differently. He didn’t refuse to travel to Vienna, it didn’t happen that way.

“He was already playing with knee pain. When they removed the armband, he said: ‘To play, not only the body is needed but, above all, the soul.’

“That broke me at the time. Inter knew that Mauro had already gone to Barcelona three times for treatment.

“When everyone was beating Mauro, [ex-Inter chairman Massimo] Moratti came out with a statement to defend him: he’s a great man. His words were oxygen at a time when I was choking.”