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It’s official, Pochettino lost Tottenham’s dressing room

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As Tottenham Hotspur goes deep into a terrible crisis, we can officially tell you that Mauricio Pochettino has lost the dressing room.

Things inside a dressing room can change overnight for any manager, this is the case for Mauricio Pochettino at Tottenham Hotspur.

The Argentine manager was an unexpected guru who knew all the secrets of how to understand a football club, he was a genius just a few months ago.

The approach he was having is directly related to his work with mental strength, he knew how to motivate the players and he was getting the best out of them.

But a series of things have taken place this season, that pushed many of these players in the opposite direction.

Many of them don’t consider Pochettino the same genius from last season, they are actually fed up with the lack of personality he’s showed against the club’s board of directors.

Tottenham Hotspur had a chance to make several great signings last summer, the club had the money to pursue them.

The man who needed to make the move for some of these players was Pochettino, but he repeatedly stated that the man who made the calls was Daniel Levy.

The players saw this as a sign of weakness, they didn’t like that their own manager wasn’t the one who was making the transfer choices.

The main problem they had was the promise that Mauricio made last season, he promised great players for the new season if the footballers made the effort they did.

Trusting their manager during last season, most of the players made a tremendous effort that completely drained their gas tank.

As a result, we got the best Tottenham Hotspur that we will ever get and they reached the UEFA Champions League final.

It’s sad for all Spurs fans though, because they know that they may never get as far as they did in any competition.

This is a club that has been a historically mediocre squad, that usually never wins anything.

Mauricio Pochettino came close to success on a couple of occasions, but he knows that his resources to win some silverware are limited.

This club still hasn’t crossed that line that Liverpool did when they were bought by Fenway Sports Group.

The Spurs are still a squad that will have to rely on selling some of their best players in order to make that quality leap.

Mauricio Pochettino is very aware that he may have to sell Harry Kane in the near future, simply because Daniel Levy doesn’t want to make that extra effort to bring players who can accompany him on the attack.

This situation has reached a point of no return, one in which the players no longer trust management and they possibly don’t want to perform for the coach anymore.

The trust between Pochettino and the players has been breached.

Pochettino remains calm about his future.

Even though the situation between the manager and the players has escalated, Pochettino still has Levy’s full trust.

The chairman is aware of the manager’s value to the institution, there is no other coach who has taken this club as far as Mauricio did in previous seasons.

The players need to understand this if they want to keep a cool head about the situation.

We can already predict that some of the players who no longer trust the manager are more likely to leave than Mauricio.

The only way in which the Argentine would consider leaving, is if a major offer from a different club comes knocking on his door.

“We maintain a very good relationship and it is extraordinary to have that support,” said Pochettino at the Aspire Global Summit in Qatar.

“I have always told him that in addition to my chairman, I consider him a friend.”

“Football is not a drama, it is passion and we cannot separate it from emotions. But neither can we make a sport as fantastic as this one because of the latest result.”

“We must learn from defeats to be able to exceed our limits and that begins by accepting that you don’t always win and that the opponent also works hard and makes merits. You must always react with dignity to the result, regardless of whether it is good or bad. ”


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