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It’s true, Florentino’s biggest problem is the Premier League

Florentino, Real Madrid
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We need to talk about the biggest problem that Florentino Perez has right now, he faces against the giants of the Premier League. 

Florentino Perez faces his most challenging time as Real Madrid’s president, the Premier League is after his throne.

Despite being president of the most successful club in football history. The chairman hasn’t been able to compete against England in recent years.

Liverpool FC is only one of many powerful clubs from the isles that have the best players in the world right now.

Perez is obsessed with buying many of these footballers. But he is being denied constantly by all these clubs.

The most recent situation is the one with Paul Pogba and Manchester United. The president simply can’t convince the Red Devils.

Current times are not like the past, when Perez could handpick any player that he wanted for Los Blancos.

Paul Pogba wants to leave the Red Devils, but Manchester United is in no need to sell any of their players.

Perhaps in previous decades, convincing any club through an offer they couldn’t refuse was the MO.

But times are changing, English clubs have that clout they didn’t have in the past.

Television rights are incredibly well-paid in the Premier League, and Real Madrid has to compete against them.

The Spanish La Liga is nowhere near the popularity that English football has all over the world. 

Rummenigge has the right idea. 

This fact about Real Madrid’s obstacles was first introduced by Karl-Heinz Rummenigge on Wednesday.

The Bayern Munich chairman spoke at a summit on Wednesday. He talked about the challenges that the rest of the European clubs face against the Premier League.

The reason they are a wild success right now is strictly related to the tournament’s popularity all around the world.

If you go to any foreign country. The Premier League has taken over the rest without even breaking a sweat.

English football’s popularity today is even greater than it was at the start of the millennium.

Rummenigge knows that Real Madrid might be the most powerful club in the world. But he knows perfectly about Florentino’s weakness.

“I know Florentino Perez quite well and his biggest problem right now is the Premier League,” said Rummenigge via Marca.

“He is the president of the most powerful and successful club in the world.

“He has immense power to attract the biggest stars on the planet.

“But his problem is that Premier League clubs earn three times more TV rights income than we do in Germany, Spain, or France.

“The English did it quite well, we have to admit it,” he concluded. 

The Premier League dominates all the other competitions. 

It was just a few years ago when both Real Madrid and Barcelona controlled virtually everything.

They were the gold standard when it came to playing the best football on the planet.

At the end of the day, the most powerful competition is the one that has the most successful squad at the time.

Real Madrid is not the only club that has to compete against the English.

Rummenigge was the one who revealed these challenges because he knows that Bayern Munich also has to deal with them.

Juventus is part of that group that needs to compete, so is FC Barcelona.

We would also include Atletico Madrid and PSG on this select group of clubs. They need to spend big in order to lure players from English football.

If we get another Premier League club winning the Champions League this season. The problem will be even greater next summer.

Florentino Perez has been reluctant to spend big money on a single player since Neymar broke the market in 2017.

But time is running out for the chairman. He knows Los Blancos will have to become part of this inflated problem soon. 

Why is Florentino so reluctant to spend big on great players from the Premier League? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.