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Iwobi explains why he left Arsenal

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Former Gunners footballer Alex Iwobi explains why he chose Everton for his next adventure in the English Premier League.

Alex Iwobi has left Arsenal after four years playing with the Gunners in the English Premier League.

And today he explained why he chose to Blues.

“The offer was too attractive for me to turn down,” said Iwobi to Football 365.

“The manager was telling me: ‘There is a spot for you, we will take care of you’.”

He explained: “Basically, all the things you want to hear as a player.”

“He has given me the confidence I will do well. I am ready for a new challenge and chapter in my life.”

“I always had that youngster tag at Arsenal, so hopefully with this move, I am able to make a name for myself in the Premier League and create history with Everton,” he added.

“Hopefully I will be able to take on a bit more responsibility and add something to the team as well.”