Iwobi hopes Spurs lose the Champions League Final

According to the Arsenal footballer, his team is not thinking about that game, but their own final match against Chelsea.

Arsenal and Chelsea are set to play in the UEFA Europa League Final in Baku, Azerbaijan at the end of this month.

And at the start of the next in Madrid, Spain, Tottenham Hotspur will meet Liverpool for the Champions League Final.

When asked about who does he think will win the Champions League, Gunners’ Alex Iwobi just hoped the Spurs lose.

“We’re not trying to focus on Tottenham to be fair, I actually hope they lose,” Iwobi was quoted by Football 365.

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“We’re not trying to look at them, they’ve done well to be fair, you have to give it to them, but we want to focus on ourselves and bring a trophy back.”

He spoke about the experience of playing in the final: “To be here and have an opportunity to play in such a big final is great.”

“I’ve had many dreams of winning things for Arsenal at a young age.”

“I never thought I’d make it this far,” he said.

“Every trophy to us is special, we always want to do our best and win as many as we can, and the Europa League final is another one we can win.”


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