Jadon Sancho delivers one of the best games of his career

It was during the match where he played against his friend Reiss Nelson against Hoffenheim, Jadon Sancho played a fantastic match in a thrilling 3-3 draw.

Despite not being able to help Borussia Dortmund win on Saturday against Hoffenheim, youngster Jadon Sancho keeps proving why he is one of the most exciting under-20 talents out there after delivering the best performance of his career so far.

The young English talent was involved in all three goals that Dortmund scored in the 3-3 draw at Signal Iduna Park on Saturday, Lucien Favre’s squad actually thought they had the result in their pocket after a sensational first-half display from all the players but led by Sancho.

The youngster now plays all over the pitch at will, the manager has given him this freedom to express himself and the result has been simply spectacular.

The first goal came after Sancho received an assist from Lukasz Piszczek but left him with very little space to drop his finish, Sancho found a narrow space to send his shot and managed to score that first goal of the evening.

The kid was only getting started, this would turn up to become the best performance of his young career as his friend Reiss Nelson could only watch from the bench how Dortmund destroyed his squad during the first half.

Sancho was also an essential part of Borussia Dortmund’s second goal as well, he was the one who took the shot after a beautiful collective effort that happened very quickly right before half-time.

The deflection from Sancho’s shot was picked up by Mario Götze, who just had to push the ball in the back of the net for his squad’s second goal of the evening.

After resting in the dressing rooms for fifteen minutes, Borussia Dortmund’s players still wanted more and charged forward with Sancho still playing fantastic football from the wings.

Twenty minutes into the second half, the youngster delivered a beautiful backheel pass that also became a nutmeg to Mario Götze.

The German midfielder could see Raphael Guerreiro moving inside the box and served him an assist for Dortmund’s third goal of the evening, Sancho was again right in the middle of the goal-creation and the fans were loving what their prodigy had to offer.

The opposition hated this result and they managed to bounce back during the final fifteen minutes of the match, but youngster Reiss Nelson wasn’t able to prove himself during the second half after he came in to replace Bittencourt.

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It was evident that regardless of the result, Jadon Sancho won this specific contest against his friend.

Hoffenheim’s comeback began exactly 15 minutes before the final whistle after a long-range shot by Ishak Belfodil, the effort wasn’t well blocked by goalkeeper Burki and this was more than enough to get Hoffenheim back in the game.

The second goal came just seven minutes before the end of the match, a header from Pavel Kadeřábek kept the hopes for a better result alive.

Finally, with only three minutes remaining on the clock, Belfodil found that equalizer from a set piece in which Geiger found his head and let Hoffenheim leave with a very valuable point from Signal Iduna Park.

But there is no question who the real star of the evening was despite the result, young Jadon Sancho just keeps reminding us how good of a player he is and how much he can do when the manager gives him free rein to move around the pitch at will.

It’s a bummer that Reiss Nelson didn’t rise up to the occasion during the 20 minutes he had to play against his childhood friend, he did leave with a positive result from Signal Iduna Park though.

This Bundesliga match was very important for Dortmund because it was a preparation game before their crucial trip to London, where they will play against Tottenham at Wembley in the Champions League on Wednesday.

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