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Jadon Sancho rescues Borussia Dortmund vs FC Koln

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With another spectacular performance from Jadon Sancho, Borussia Dortmund took the top of the Bundesliga against Koln.

The Bundesliga’s second fixture of the season started on Friday with a match between FC Koln and Borussia Dortmund.

The match got really complicated for the visiting squad during the first half, they received an early disadvantage that forced their hand for the rest of the game.

The stellar performer of the evening was teenager Jadon Sancho again, he appeared in the second half to not only score the equalizer in the most critical moment.

The young Englishman also led his teammates to get a final 1-3 victory against a very difficult squad that was always on their back.

Playing away matches like this, Borussia Dortmund can rest easy knowing they have what it takes to compete against Bayern Munich this season.

In fact, the Bavarian squad has a very complicated visit on Saturday and Dortmund’s result applies a lot more pressure on their urgency to win.

We can’t forget that Niko Kovac’s squad couldn’t get past a draw against Herta Berlin last weekend, whereas Dortmund already won their two first matches of the season.

But let’s go into the details of the game, you will like what Jadon Sancho did during the second half.

This young player is arguably the best footballer in the Bundesliga right now, there is no denying his quality.

Sancho saves Dortmund with some drama.

The first half gave us a goal from Drexler before the first half-hour of the match, this initial advantage from Koln became a real problem for Dortmund.

They knew that they could control the result if they played well on the defense, but they also knew that trying to protect a single goal would be incredibly difficult.

Borussia Dortmund’s attack proved to be overwhelming, but they needed to suffer during the second half in order to get that result.

Jadon Sancho proved to be on his A-game again for this match, he formed an exciting alliance with Thorgan Hazard that granted Dortmund the equalizer.

With still 20 minutes to go on the match, the Belgian winger served Jadon with an assist that the Englishman finished with a long-distance shot to the bottom corner.

That was the type of reaction Dortmund needed in order to get back into the game, Sancho provided the push they required and his squad started dominating the chances from that moment forward.

The fans at Rhein Energie Stadion knew that a storm was coming, they felt Borussia Dortmund getting closer to the winning goal and they were only waiting for the key moment to catch them.

There was mostly silence amongst the fans when it finally happened.

With only four minutes left on the clock, we had a curious moment in which the two full-backs combined to score the winning goal.

Łukasz Piszczek saw Achraf Hakimi closing on the other side of the pitch, he sent his teammate a precise cross that the Real Madrid product scored with a high header.

This was it for Koln, they knew that the match was lost. But we still had one more key moment to finish the game, we still hadn’t gotten a goal from Paco Alcacer.

It was during the very final moments of the game, Jadon Sancho led a counter-attack in which he served the assist to the Spaniard for the third and final goal.

The young Englishman has already scored two goals, provided two assists, and helped his squad win the first two matches of the Bundesliga season.

It’s safe to say that Sancho started the season on the right foot, this might be the one in which he can help his squad fight for the trophy.

This new performance comes at the right moment as well, which is on the same week that Borussia Dortmund decided to extend his contract and improve his weekly wage to €100k per week.

We believe this upgrade is well-deserved, Jadon is worth all that money and then some.

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