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James Milner left seething after Seville defeat

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James Milner was not in a good mood after Liverpool lost to Seville in a disgraceful game that saw one of their players leaving the stadium on crutches.

James Milner is not one of those people who would lose their minds so easily. However, the England international was left disgusted at the manner of Liverpool’s defeat to Seville.

The game also witnessed a moment of pure horror when young Yasser Larouci was kicked out by Joris Gnagnon. The dangerous tackle resulted in the player’s expulsion but Larouci was later taken off on a stretcher. The young full-back left Fenway Park on crutches.

And Milner was not happy with how Seville played the game, criticizing them for the way they were flying into challenges.

As reported by The Daily Star midfielder said: “There were some disgraceful tackles, we know it was a friendly but you don’t see many red cards in a friendly.

“If you want to foul, pull a shirt. Don’t take a young lad by the knee. Seeing it again it is a disgrace.”

And Virgil van Dijk agreed with Milner, stating that it wasn’t something you would want to see happen with a young player.

he Dutchman said: “I saw it from the side, it’s not nice.

“Especially when it happens against such a young guy who is playing pretty well this season. I think it says something about him.

“You have to just deal with it, but obviously you don’t want to have injuries in a game like this.

“You want to get fit, you want to get back to your best. Obviously everyone wants to win the game, but the most important thing is to get fit. Hopefully for Yasser it is not that bad.”

Hopefully though, the youngster’s injury is not a serious one and he will be back in action in time for the new season.