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James reveals he was mocked on his first day at Man Utd

Daniel James, Manchester United
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Daniel James has recalled about the time he was made fun of when he first joined Manchester United.

While he was first driving to Manchester United’s training facilities, as Daniel James recalls, teammate Andreas Perriera took a photo of him.

The photo depicted Daniel James barely looking over the steering wheel which resulted in his teammates making fun of him after Andreas Perriera later made it viral.

“I think the photograph was taken the first day I drove my car into training,” James said as per Express.

“I think it was Andreas who put it in the chat, I think I was just looking over the steering wheel, I was just looking left and right.

“And ever since then, the boys have said I need a booster seat for the car.”

Daniel James signed for Manchester United from Swansea at the start of the season and has made a good start to life with his new club. The Welsh forward is known for his explosive pace but he does not think of himself as a very quick player.

“All the boys say me to be fair,” James added.

“But sometimes I don’t think I am as quick as people say.

“When you look at me and Marcus [Rashford], he always says I’m quick. But a few of the boys said we should have a race, and maybe one day we will.”