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James Tarkowski ready to return to Premier League action after surgery

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Burnley defender James Tarkowski is back and ready to feature in the Premier League next matches if featured by Club’s coach.

Tarkowski had surgery in the summer ahead of the World Cup in Russia but says he is currently fit enough to play.

“I’ve been back outside for a couple of weeks now, but I’ve been taking it slowly,” he said via Burnley Express.

“There’s no point rushing it.”

“I’ve spent enough time struggling with it, more than a year now, so it was more about getting things right, rather than getting a quick operation and rushing back for the first game. “

“I’m back in training now, so it’s up to the manager to decide if he wants me back in the squad now or if he wants me to wait longer.“

“I’ve not rushed myself back so it’s been good to build up a bit of fitness that I’d probably lost.”

“I’m feeling like I’m bulletproof so I can get out there and push my body to the limit, which is how it needs to be in the Premier League. I’m looking forward to the games coming up and hopefully being a part of that.”

“So I felt I finally had to get it sorted. It’s never nice playing with an injury, and to be fair, a lot of lads do play through them, which I did for so long, but in the end, I just felt as if it was hindering me a little bit on a matchday. I’m finally glad to get over it.”