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Jankulovski surprised that Ancelotti joined Napoli

How will Napoli fare under Ancelotti?
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Carlo Ancelotti was named as the new Napoli coach and Marek Jankulovski admitted that he was surprised that the Italian coach decided to join this club after almost a year-long pause.

The former AC Milan defender insisted that he didn’t expect Ancelotti to join Napoli – and he also added that confirming Gattuso as the Rossoneri coach was a good choice as the former midfielder has proven his skills.

Jankulovski spoke about both Gattuso and Ancelotti as he said, according to Calcio Mercato:

“I think that the confirmation of Gattuso is fair. He showed his value and AC Milan are playing pretty well with him in charge. I’ve heard there are some problems with the club but it’s difficult to judge from the outside.”

“Ancelotti? I didn’t expect him to join Napoli during Pirlo’s farewell game he said nothing and looked relaxed. It’s a great chance for him, he can prove that Napoli can win the Serie A title and he can go far in the Champions League as well. Napoli played very well with Sarri but the experience of Juventus’ won them the title.”