Japan will use Copa America to train for Olympics

The goal of the Nippon national team is to win the Olympic Games at home in 2020, as they prepare to play in the South American tournament.

The 2020 Summer Olympics will be played in Japan.

And the Japanese national team want to win the gold medal in men’s football, which is why they will use the 2019 Copa America tournament as a ladder for their objectives.

At least this is what coach Moriyasu Hajime told the national team’s official website.

“As the head coach of both the senior team and the Olympics team, I am categorizing the players in a larger group,” he said.

“With the Kirin Challenge Cup and Copa America scheduled ahead of us, I was thinking of the best way to heighten the overall level of the Japan national team, and this selection reflected that thought process.”

He explained: “Our goal is to win the gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics.”

“In order to achieve such goal, we must have players that are worthy of playing for the senior team, or else, it would be awfully difficult to achieve our goal.”

“At the Copa America, I want the players to fight as a member of the senior team and give their best efforts to win through the tournament,” he added.

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“Their development as a player should help the senior team and ultimately help us achieve our goal at the Tokyo Olympics.”

“Our theme in one word will be, development,” he commented.

“However, I am not asking the players to travel to Brazil only to experience the Copa America.”

“We will demand our team to win. Once the players are on the pitch, it is a battle between 11 players,” he said.

“The players must take the upper hand against the opponents and fight with responsibility. That is the message I will convey to our players while we prepare for this tournament.”


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