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Javier Tebas, an in-depth look at La Liga’s corrupt president

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This is a perfect time to discuss La Liga president Javier Tebas and his several demonstrations of being one of the most corrupt people in football.

Having power in any walk of life is an addiction that only megalomaniacs get to enjoy, football is no different and La Liga’s president Javier Tebas is a perfect case study to illustrate what we mean by this.

Born in Costa Rica but with roots in the Spanish city of Huesca, Javier Tebas is a lawyer who knew from a very early age that he wanted to experience what power felt like and he soon learned to combine it with his greatest passion: football.

Tebas is a life-long Real Madrid fan who has worked for a total of eleven different football clubs throughout his career, but he has repeatedly stated that he would never let his passion for a football club cloud his judgment for the rest of the squads in Spanish football.

After taking control of La Liga as president from Jose Luis Astiazaran in 2013, Javier Tebas quickly started showing his inclination towards an authoritarian regime that pictures Spain from the ’40s and perfectly pictures the modern era of what the far-right in Spain is all about.

This is a man who has a mindset of a person thirsty with power, who is already considered one of the most influential figures on international football.

Ever since Javier Tebas took office nearly six years ago, there has always been a feeling that La Liga is being managed by a man who would never let the media interfere with his plans of reaching all the corner of the world without thinking of the consequences.

His plans to transform La Liga into a globalized brand are starting to become a reality, as he has relentlessly attempted to take the competition abroad and has always butted heads with the Spanish Football Federation.

Right now, in fact, Javier Tebas has consistently been involved in disagreements with president Luis Rubiales over several issues that have way more to do with politics than football.

This is all about the never-ending struggle between the right and the left, only Tebas has translated them to football and made a massive effort to mix it with politics.

Catalonia’s independence has played a massive role into what Javier Tebas actually thinks that La Liga should represent, he believes that Spain should be a unified country regardless of all the historical differences that have always divided the several ideologies for decades.

Tebas believes that if this Catalan independence happened, no club from that new nation has the right to play in La Liga, this includes FC Barcelona as well.

Tebas’ struggles with the press

But by far one of the biggest issues in which La Liga president Javier Tebas has been involved in is his disagreements with the press, as his authoritarian nature has always pushed him to try and veto free speech.

During an interview he made with Spanish journalist Juanma Castaño from Cadena COPE, Tebas blatantly stated that he would take all the credentials from members of the press regardless of their reach if one of their journalists questioned a player about something that is not related to the match after every game.

As we all know, several media outlets in Spain have more access than others to the clubs and can get one-on-one time with the players.

Tebas threatened to ban the media outlet that doesn’t talk about the game and brings out topics like the transfer market or other topics, the Spanish journalist from the exchange was furious and completely rejected what Tebas was proposing.

The action of trying to silence a media outlet alone is a blatant violation of the press’ right for free speech, it goes directly about what us as a media outlet stand for and we completely reject this man’s radical ideas.

This is Javier Tebas in a nutshell, one of the most influential and corrupt figures in European football.

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