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Jean-Kevin Augustin determined to do well

jean-kevin augustin
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Jean-Kevin Augustin had a horrific introduction to German Bundesliga last year when he signed for RB Leipzig.

When Jean-Kevin Augustin signed for Leipzig last summer, he expected a better start to life in Germany than he experienced. The 22 year old struggled for form and fitness and was unable to leave a lasting impression on his teammates.

In detailed interview with Bild, Jean-Kevin Augustin admitted that he has to work harder to win a place in the starting XI. The Frenchman thinks that he didn’t do well initially.

“I have to work even harder, win my place. I did not do it before. I came and I said, ‘that’s it, I’m strong, I left PSG, I don’t need to work.’ And that you cannot do.”

Jean-Kevin Augustin admits that there were certain things he did not do well but wants to move on from last season.

“There are things I did not do well. But I want to leave the past behind me. Last season, I know I didn’t do well, but my fitness was not up to the mark. That’s why I worked a lot this summer.”

The young striker has been working hard on his fitness throughout the summer and wants to get back to his best.

And Jean-Kevin Augustin says that the coaching team has seen his commitment.

“Everyone said they were happy that I’m in shape. It was good to hear that. But I also worked a lot for this.”

And Jean-Kevin Augustin says that he’s not looking to leave the club, stating that he cannot run away from things.

“It just means I’m fleeing from my responsibilities. It would not have been fair, it would not have brought me forward. I cannot change clubs every time it doesn’t work. A change was out of the question for me. I did not play because I wasn’t giving everything, because I was not in shape and I made mistakes.”