Jenas believes Higuain’s arrival will benefit Eden Hazard

Former player Jermaine Jenas is convinced that the hypothetical Gonzalo Higuain transfer to Chelsea will benefit Eden Hazard’s game.

As the transfer market keeps going by for Chelsea, the Blues have apparently agreed on Gonzalo Higuain’s transfer and Jermaine Jenas seems to think that this could benefit Eden Hazard’s performances for the club.

We recently mentioned how the now TV pundit and former player disliked Maurizio Sarri’s decision to use the Belgian winger in the ‘False 9’ position, an experiment that doesn’t seem to work in the most recent matches for the Blues.

Higuain’s arrival seems to be coming to a critical hour this Friday, as several reports suggest that the Argentine is actually traveling to England and closing his deal as soon as he can.

The idea for Maurizio Sarri is to reunite with the best striker he ever coached at Napoli and maybe even use him for next Saturday’s London Derby against Arsenal, but nothing is set in stone yet and we are all going to have to wait until the day is over to find out what happens.

But in the meantime, there have been debates about Gonzalo Higuain’s role in the squad and how his position could affect other players who also play up front.

The Argentine is a natural born striker who rarely comes out of the box, he tends to monopolize this area because he loves to bang them in from all angles.

This pure center-forward is great news for Jermaine Jenas, who is convinced that Maurizio Sarri saw the error of his ways and that’s why he decided to go after a striker he knows perfectly in order to return Eden Hazard to the position he was always meant to play.

“He’s a player that can hold up the ball, he’s actually a lot quicker than people think he is and more importantly he scores goals,” said Jenas as quoted by Express.

“When he was at Napoli I think he scored 36, 37 [sic: 38] goals in that season. He will stay up top and play within the areas of the 18-yard box.”

“He’s very good from scoring outside the box and inside the box. In front of goal he is clinical.”

“But that’s the Higuain I saw at Napoli and at Juve. This year, it’s been totally different.”

“He can play one up top because he’s got the physical attributes. He’s not very tall but he can hold it in, a bit like [Sergio] Aguero does for City.”

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“Similar size and stature. He’s probably not on Aguero’s level but he’s a very good player.”

“I think it will be as it is with Higuain through the middle and being able to bring Hazard out left.”

“I think they will benefit more from getting Hazard back out on the left than they will from Higuain being in the middle,” he concluded.

But all this will happen as long as a number of things remain the same at Chelsea, Eden Hazard wouldn’t have to leave to Real Madrid and the rumors about his possible exit keep growing stronger by the minute.

Maurizio Sarri’s is hoping for Eden to at least want to finish the current season with the Blues, Higuain’s arrival is the player that could effectively change the course of the club’s future and it could restore balance to the position.

But on the downside we have a major superstition to deal with in regards to Gonzalo, the Argentine will most likely take the number ‘9’ jersey and attempt to reverse a “curse” that has existed at the club for decades now.

In the past, players like Fernando Torres, Mateja Kezman, Khalid Boularhouz, and Radamel Falcao have all worn this number and have miserably failed at Chelsea in the process.

Only the Spaniard met a relatively successful time but he was always at odds with the fans and he is still considered one of the biggest flops the club ever signed, Higuain is coming to try and change that narrative if he ultimately decides to wear that number on his back.

What are the pros and cons that you see on Gonzalo Higuain’s possible transfer to Chelsea FC? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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