Jenas disguisted by Mourinho’s behaviour

José Mourinho has publicly criticized some of his players for multiple times this season but Jermaine Jenas believes that it was over the edge when he slammed Marcus Rashford after the game against Brighton.

Jenas insisted that it almost looked like the manager was enjoying the failure of one of his players and he criticized him a lot more than it was necessary as the youngster didn’t deserve this kind of behaviour.

The former England international spoke about this situation as he said, according to Independent:

“I found what he did after that Brighton game disgusting, to be honest with you.”

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“When you are managing a young player like Marcus Rashford, the thing that I really didn’t like about it was for him to come out as publicly as he did at that time.”

“The comments about (Romelu) Lukaku were a direct shot at (Marcus) Rashford. Now, it was almost like he enjoyed the failure of Rashford.”

“It gave him the opportunity to say shut up, I am right and you’re wrong and that is not a point you should be using on a young player.”


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