Jenas doesn’t agree with Hazard’s ‘False 9’ position

Following up on his already controversial opinion in Eden Hazard, Jermaine Jenas disagrees with Sarri’s decision to use him as a ‘False 9’.

The decision that Maurizio Sarri made of utilizing Eden Hazard as a ‘False 9’ like Lionel Messi’s role at Barcelona hasn’t really worked that well, people like pundit Jermaine Jenas have already caught wind of it and criticized the Italian manager for not being able to use the Belgian winger at his best.

When the season started for the Blues, Maurizio Sarri wanted to take the opportunity to use Hazard’s momentum from the incredible World Cup performance he made with Belgium and the player responded very well as a left winger.

His natural position is coming in from the flank and cutting through the middle as any natural-born dribbler does, but the Italian manager wholeheartedly believed that Hazard’s talents were being wasted and decided to make this ‘False 9′ experiment at Chelsea.

It’s not that Jermaine Jenas doesn’t think the Blues’ best player isn’t equipped for this specific role, his problem is more related to the teammates who surround him and don’t fully understand the position that Hazard is playing.

Perhaps if Sarri had more time to practice this role for one more season and gets players who can accompany this player better in the pitch, the experiment might work.

A couple of days ago while talking about Chelsea’s sudden level drop of late, Jenas related this directly to Eden Hazard’s role in the middle.

The former Tottenham player mentioned that the Belgian’s exit from the club was more possible now more than ever because the results are not coming his way on the collective level, but he also broke down the specific problem with this ‘False 9’ experiment during his intervention on BBC Radio 5 Live.

“You’re definitely not getting the best out of Hazard [playing him through the middle],” said JEnas during the show.

“You get the best out of him on the left, doing what he wants to do, dropping into midfield, breaking from deep, running at players. That’s how he scores a lot of his goals.”

“Up top, with his back to goal, he is a lot easier to deal with. He is still a danger but he is much easier to handle.”

“From the team’s perspective, they don’t react well to him playing through the middle because they don’t respond to the positions he takes up.”

“When he drops deep nobody fills in and goes to play that higher position that, say, Dele [Alli] would do for Tottenham.”

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“He can do it, he’s talented, but do you get the best Eden Hazard? I don’t think you do, no,” he added.

Once we hear what Jermaine Jenas had to say, it’s not that difficult to realize that Maurizio Sarri has a very exciting challenge ahead of him for the upcoming months.

Eden Hazard requires a certain group of players who can help him shine in the way that the Italian manager envisioned, playing the ‘False 9’ role is very specific for the type of player Hazard is but it doesn’t come without a number of requirements that are related to a specific system.

The club is already working to sign players who can help Eden exploit his talents to the fullest, but they have also met with a very worrying situation in regards to the player’s desires to actually stay in the club for one more season and not go to Real Madrid.

As we all know, playing for Los Blancos has been Eden’s life-long wish and he is still thinking about the possibility of realizing it before his best years are behind him.

At 28-years old, Hazard is currently going through what is commonly known as a footballer’s “golden years” and he wants to make the best out of any opportunity that life throws at him.

Whether he will choose to remain at Chelsea or not for next season, still remains to be seen.

What do you think Eden Hazard should do, remain at Chelsea or seek fortune in another club such as Real Madrid? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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