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Jese Rodriguez talks about his failed spell at Real Madrid

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Winger Jese Rodriguez finally opened up about his failed experience at Real Madrid, and about how he never had any friends in that club.

One of the saddest stories from a Real Madrid product has to be Jese Rodriguez’s failed spell with Los Blancos, the young player who was overly hyped and only got lost in obscurity after a horrifying knee ligament injury.

When he first started his career with Los Blancos, everybody in the press was mesmerized by his talent, people were even talking about him being a future Ballon d’Or winner and how much he reminded them of a young Cristiano Ronaldo.

But that knee injury he suffered was the main reason why he was quickly tossed aside by Los Blancos and today he is a free agent who still hasn’t been able to return to his best form but he is still trying hard.

“Coming to the Real Madrid dressing room that young and that charismatic is complicated, but you are happy and you enjoy everything around you,” Jese told Diario AS.

“You want to eat the whole world. The problem comes when you settle. That is exactly what happened to me: I settled. You simply can’t get settled at that level.”

“I came to Madrid when I was still 16 years old and I scored goals with the first squad. The gave me a contract, I was doing everything right until I got injured.”

“When I came back, I think I got too comfortable. You always have to keep fighting and want more.”

“None of my former teammates from Real Madrid has ever reached out, that’s when you realize a lot of things. But I’m not criticizing anybody, they can do whatever they want.”

“I really thought I had friends in the Madrid dressing room and they are not my friends anymore because they have never responded to my messages or worried about me.”

“I do have two friends with whom I have played since I was little, one is a professional and the other one plays amateur football.”

“The journalists are the ones to blame for overhyping me, the people in general as well. They always have an opinion from the outside.”

“You (the journalists) were the ones who created those expectations because you saw how good I was. Nobody invented anything.”

“I only hope I am still in time to fulfill those expectations… I am more motivated than ever,” he concluded.