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Jetro Willems names one player faster than Cristiano Ronaldo

Adama Traore, Wolverhampton, Premier League
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Newcastle dug out a draw against Wolverhampton, thus managing to contain Adama Traore, who’s playing in the form of his life.

Jetro Willems will carry some traumas after the Wolverhampton clash on Sunday.

He claims that Adama Traore is the fastest opponent he’s ever faced.

“He [Traore] is unbelievable, definitely a beast. Not only is he incredibly fast, he is so, so strong as well,” he said, quoting talksport.

“He’s known as the fastest man in football and now I know that is true.

“I like to think I am quite fast, too, at least I did before playing against him – that was something else.

“I have played against Ronaldo who is fast but not that fast. Of course, he is so skilful but sometimes that is easier than being up against someone with incredible pace.”

Well, it looks like there is someone more athletic than Ronaldo in the footballing world, after all.