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Joe Gomez says England shouldn’t change its philosophy

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The team lost against the Netherlands in the UEFA Nations League Semifinal, but for Gomez is not time to panic.

The England national team was defeated 3-1 in extra time by the Netherlands, in the UEFA Nations League Semifinal.

The Three Lions were winning 1-0 but ended up losing after 120 minutes of play.

And for English footballer Joe Gomez, the loss shouldn’t mean changing the philosophy of the team.

“Clearly you could just play it long, but I don’t think that is the way,” Gomez was quoted by Four Four Two.

“It is clear that we can’t undermine how much progression there has been in the last couple of years and the reason behind that is obvious – we play a different style of football than we have done in previous years.”

“That is down to playing football, playing out from the back and dominating possession and I think, on the flip side, if we changed the way we play and started playing long then no-one would be happy with that,” he added.

“You have got to take the rough with the smooth and there is a risk to it.”

He explained: “You are playing deep in your half and closer to your goal, so if you lose possession there they are more likely to score.”

“At the end of the day, I think everyone enjoys the way we play and watching that style of play and that is well-documented.”

“That is definitely the reason we are where we are I don’t think one small moment changes that,” he said.

“I think most of us at our clubs have that exposure to playing out from the back, trying to play deep and play football.”