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Joe Willock hails Freddie Ljungberg

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The Arsenal youngster, Joe Willock, is thankful to Gunners icon Freddie Ljungberg for his help on his development as a footballer.

Joe Willock has been enjoying his time with the senior squad of Arsenal in the English Premier League.

And on the day of his birthday, he wanted to thank Gunners icon Freddie Ljungberg for his help in his development.

“Freddie is not only such a legend at the club, but he’s also an unbelievable manager and coach,” he told The Daily Mail.

“He’s a mentor for me, he showed me a lot behind the scenes that people don’t really know about.”

Willock explained: “Every day I’m working with him and I’m learning from him.

“He’s improved my whole overall game. If I’m being specific, getting in the pockets when I’m playing No 10 and attacking at No 8.”

“He showed me a lot of different tactics to get space and turn to attack other teams. Those are the main things really,” the youngster concluded.