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Joe Willock talks about playing against his childhood idols

Joe Willock, Arsenal, Premier League
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Arsenal youngster, Joe Willock, explains how he has always admired Luka Modric and how he wants to show he can be one of the best players at his club.

During the pre-season, Arsenal played against Real Madrid.

And for Gunners youngster, Joe Willock, this was a chance to play against one of his childhood idols: Luka Modric.

“Playing against such big teams in pre-season was a really big deal for me,” he told Arsenal Player.

“I always take it 100 percent seriously because I want to show what I can do against the best players in the world.”

“For me, the best experience over the summer was playing against a Ballon d’Or winner, Luka Modric. He’s a central midfielder who I’ve always looked up to. I’ve watched him throughout my career,” he added.

“When I was younger and starting up, I was always watching how he used to caress the ball and play people in, the way he used to move past players… it’s amazing really. It was a huge moment to be in the tunnel and look across to see him. That was big, but I’ve never feared anyone.”

The 20-year-old promised: “Whoever you are, even if you’re my idol, I’ll go against you with everything I’ve got. My dad has raised me to never back down from any challenges. To play against him and test my ability against his, it was a big deal for me and that was probably the best moment of pre-season for me.”