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John Stones hails ‘silky’ Silva

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John Stones is in awe of his Manchester City teammate David Silva saying he wouldn’t mind paying to watch him play football.

Stones was answering a number of questions sent in by Manchester City supporters via Premier League Fanmail, as reported by City website.

One of the fans asked: “If you could pay to watch one of you City teammates for the rest of your life who would it be and why?”

“David Silva. 100%. I’d pay a lot of money to watch him play for the rest of his life,” Stones answered.

“Some of the stuff he does, how he moves with the ball and the appreciation when he takes its first touch, he’s just a silky player.

“If you could watch him in training as well and how he is and his whole demeanor, how he is as a person – it excels him and how much you like him.”