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John Stones slammed for his ‘stupid’ decision making

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John Stones has been on the receiving end of some brutal criticism by Tony Cascarino and Jamie Carragher for his howler in England’s 3-1 defeat to the Netherlands.

During England’s Nations League semi-final clash with Holland on Thursday, Stones made a terrible error in possession while trying to play out from the back during extra-time. It caused his team-mate Kyle Walker to put the ball in his own net.

Ross Barkley later committed error himself that opened the door for Quincy Promes to seal Holland a 3-1 win.

And now Cascarino has slammed Stones for his dreadful mistake and warned him that he is not England’s World Cup-winning hero Sir Bobby Moore or German icon Franz Beckenbauer.

“The biggest problem I had with him was trying to nutmeg a Holland player in his own 18-yard box,” the ex-Chelsea forward told talkSPORT.

“You’re not Bobby Moore and you’re not Franz Beckenbauer. They were the top footballing defenders at playing out from the back over the last few decades. Ronald Koeman could do it.

“If you’re going to decide to try and nutmeg someone in your own 18-yard box, that’s being negligent.”

Former Liverpool and England defender Carragher was equally unimpressed by Stones and his “stupid” decision.

“The goals never came from risks, or playing out from the back, they came from stupid decisions,” he said.

“That [the error] is stupid. He’s made a stupid mistake and a stupid decision.

“That’s nothing to do with playing out from the back. Pass it to your goalkeeper and make another angle.

“As a centre back, you play what’s on. You’re taught from a very young age, play the way you’re facing.

“When you’re facing your goalkeeper and there’s nothing on, you start again.

“It’s not about playing or playing wrong. Forget this talk about playing out from the back [being wrong].”

GUIMARAES, PORTUGAL – JUNE 08: John Stones of England and Ross Barkley of England chat during a training session.