John Toshack remembers Gareth Bale’s original position

VALENCIA, SPAIN - FEBRUARY 24: Gareth Bale of Real Madrid CF kicks the ball during the La Liga match between Levante UD and Real Madrid CF at Ciutat de Valencia on February 24, 2019 in Valencia, Spain. (Photo by Alex Caparros/Getty Images)

During an interview at Cadena SER, Welshman John Toshack revealed why Gareth Bale was never meant to leave his original position.

People tend to forget but Gareth Bale’s original position was as a left-back when he started his career, compatriot John Benjamin Toshack was the one who gave the player his first opportunity at the Wales National Team.

The former Real Madrid manager has been very vocal about Gareth Bale’s failure to adapt to Los Blancos in the almost six seasons he’s played there, he completely disapproves of the former Tottenham Hotspur player’s attitude towards the fans and his teammates more recently.

The example that John always uses to talk about Gareth Bale’s poor attitude is his very own adaptation to the club, during the time when he was the manager and needed to learn the language in order to adapt.

But apart from the obvious inability to empathize with all the people in the squad and around the club, Gareth Bale is also playing the wrong position according to the Welsh manager and he believes this to be the root of his injury problems at Real Madrid.

Toshack still believes that Bale isn’t doing the efforts he should because of how limited his position is, he thinks that the former Spurs player is a natural born full-back who was transformed into a winger and this is the issue.

“Bale debuted with me when he was 17 years old and he was a natural born left-back. Years later, people thought he was talented enough to play higher in an attacking role,” said Toshack during the interview.

“This is more complicated. The best player in the world cannot be a left-back. Roberto Carlos was great in his position but I would never use him as a forward. Injuries have also affected Bale too much.”

“He gets weird injuries, ones that he picks up after odd gestures, these are not normal. Suddenly, he feels okay, and then he just gets injured.”

“Having surgery is even more difficult because you have to stop and then start all over again, especially when you play at Real Madrid.”

“If you go to a club like this, or even a club like Malaga or Oviedo, you at least have to try and learn the language if you see they placed their trust in you.”

“I have a really hard time trying to speak it. I have never gotten any Spanish or Portuguese classes. I am not the best speaking the language but people understand me.”

“Bale could’ve really tried harder and maybe speak the language of the country that employs him.”

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“This whole situation has a lot more to do with what Real Madrid wants rather than what Bale wants, I can assure you that Gareth is an extraordinary talent.”

“It’s a shame that injuries have left him out of so many matches. Nobody likes to be on the bench and he should sometimes hide his anger out of respect for his teammates.”

“That gesture he had was pretty disrespectful after he scored the goal against Levante.”

This is not the first time that John Toshack sends Gareth Bale some advice, but this might be the most alarming one of all because of the rumor mill.

The press from both Spain and Britain are already saying that Gareth Bale will leave Real Madrid next summer, Los Blancos have allegedly grown tired of his antics and there are several clubs in England that want to sign him as soon as possible.

Spain is reacting in a different manner, with news outlets like Diario AS even doing polls that talk about Gareth is one of the worst transfers in Spanish football history.

They forget that despite his injuries on a regular basis, Bale still scored winning goals in two separate Champions League final out of the four that Los Blancos won during the last five years.

Comparing the Welsh player with flops like Jonathan Woodgate or Zlatan Ibrahimovic is simply wrong.

Gareth Bale is one of Real Madrid’s best transfers in recent history, he has only been unlucky with those damn injuries and that’s the only reason he could leave the club next summer.

Do you think Gareth Bale should leave next summer or remain at Real Madrid? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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