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Jonathan Spector wants Manchester United to sign more players

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Jonathan Spector believes that the Red Devils need to sign players such as Harry Kane if they want to compete for top honors in the future.

According to Jonathan Spector, Manchester United cannot completely rely on Marcus Rashford to lead the line next season.

The England international has recently signed a new deal with the club and is expected to lead the line. And with Rashford’s status growing, Romelu Lukaku is set to leave the club with a move to Inter Milan on the cards.

The Belgian doesn’t want to play second fiddle to the young striker and is insistent on leaving.

And Jonathan Spector, who played for Manchester United for a few years, believes that the club cannot stop their spending spree. The former USA international says that while Rashford is a great player, the club would benefit from the likes of Kane whose a more experienced option.

While speaking to American Gambler, Jonathan Spector said that the club needs established stars as well since those would make the difference in the near term.

“I think it would be great if Rashford was able to step up and take that role but I don’t know that he is a finished product yet.

“It’s a young team that they’ve got and I think they need to find the right balance between youth and experience, and I’d love to see them bring in a proven goal scorer. More like a [Ruud] Van Nistelrooy.

“Which every club wants, someone you know who is going to get you a number of goals.

“Harry Kane is a perfect example, I’d love to see them bring in someone like that, but also I don’t know how much money is being made available for that position!”

However, it appears unlikely that Solskjaer or Ed Woodward are going to listen to Jonathan Spector largely because the club is not really in a position to attract top level players.