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Jones – my idol has changed from Ronaldo to Gerrard

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Liverpool teenage sensation Curtis Jones admits he used to aspire to be Cristiano Ronaldo, but now his focus is on Steven Gerrard.

Curtis Jones is Liverpool born and raised. He is a native of the Merseyside city.

A product of the Liverpool youth academy, all he knows is Liverpool, Liverpool, Liverpool.

So to hear him reveal he grew up wanting to be like Cristiano Ronaldo is rather a shock to the system. It would no doubt have been something that sent shockwaves through his youth team dressing room as well as his household.

To a real Scoucer, there is nothing good to come out of Manchester other than the East Lancs road.

However, in an interview with the Liverpool Echo, he reveals in his younger days a certain Mancunian hero was his own hero, but he did eventually realize the error of his ways.

“Growing up in Liverpool, Steven Gerrard is the king of the city.”

“He is the one you look up to and think ‘wow, imagine being him!’. Working with him a bit closer as my U18s manager he was someone who has been massive for me in the game already.”

“I would always watch Cristiano Ronaldo as a kid and I wanted to be him as a player but now, as I get older, I can appreciate so many other types of footballers. So many, I look back at the ones I was too young to remember and there are loads.”

“But in terms of representing this city and being a symbol, as someone who is a legend in this city with the people that love him, then my hero growing up would have to be Steven Gerrard.”