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Jonjo Shelvey hilariously ridicules Twitter critics

jonjo shelvey, newcastle united, premier league
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Newcastle United are doing great recently, having won two matches in a row, and they have Jonjo Shelvey to thank for their positive streak.

Social media caused everyone to be able to send out their opinions to the world.

However, Newcastle’s hero, Jonjo Shelvey, is having none of that.

He made fun of the Twitter accounts criticizing him for his performances.

“My friends send me stuff from Twitter of people who’ve been hammering you, then you have a good game and they’re buzzing off you.

“People hide behind keyboards and things like that. … I’m not going to listen to ‘Pete_69’ rather than my dad. What does he know about football?,” he told Newcastle’s official website.

Well, Pete_69, there you have it.

Shelvey took a positive attitude captaining the Magpies, and he’s now a fan-favorite at Newcastle.