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Joorabchian hits back at Neville over Tevez attack

carlos tevez
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Carlos Tevez’s agent Kia Joorabchian has gone on the offensive after Gary Neville slated his client’s attitude at Manchester United.

Gary Neville let it all out recently when asked about Carlos Tevez and his time at Manchester United.

The former England defender pulled no punches as he expressed his disgust at the way the Argentine treated his beloved Red Devils.

While Tevez himself has remained quiet so far, his agent Kia Joorabchian has hit back at what he declares his Neville’s ignorance of the facts.

He told Sky Sports: 

“Carlos wanted to stay at Man United right after Moscow and winning the Champions League.”

“Gary Neville is speaking about people being in his ear as if Tevez decided at that point to leave during that year.”

“But it was Man United who didn’t exercise that option.”

“Tevez only decided after the option had expired that he had been sitting there for nine months and no one has exercised the option.”

“Generally speaking, Gary Neville spoke about professionalism, the treatment table and he spoke about people being in his (Tevez’s) ear.

“What he doesn’t understand is if Man United had wanted to exercise an option, all they had to do was sign a paper and send it to the Premier League.”

“I think the person’s professionalism to be questioned is Gary Neville because he didn’t do his homework.”

Carlos Tevez has had a phenomenal career with some defining moments. How different would things have been had he stayed at United a little longer?