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Jordan Henderson is ready for more titles at Liverpool

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Ahead of a new season for Liverpool, skipper Jordan Henderson explained how ready him and the rest of the players are to win more trophies.

One would think that after winning the UEFA Champions League as Liverpool did, any other squad would be satisfied but not captain Jordan Henderson.

That amazing feeling of lifting a trophy with the club that is closest to your heart is something that he would love to repeat constantly.

Contrary to what smaller clubs would do, Liverpool FC is in a privileged position to remain at the tip of the wave and continue winning titles if they want.

They have everything to be successful and defeat the opposition on this new season, all they need is having the players just as motivated as they were last season.

The situation would be a little different if the Reds would’ve won the Premier League, a title they haven’t been able to get since the tournament was renamed during the beginning of the ’90s.

In a sense, it’s good that Liverpool “only” won the Champions League because they still have that pending trophy to look forward to.

Now that a new season is staring, all the Reds’ players are getting in the proper mood that comes with the beginning of another tournament.

The Premier League is the ultimate goal, the other competitions matter a little less. Captain Jordan Henderson spoke about this excitement in the name of the whole squad.

“The Champions League has given us a taste of success and we want more of that.” he said via BBC Sports.

“We have shown that we can win a major trophy and we want to keep making history for this club and this team. We are very confident we can do that.”

“We have shown in the last few years that we are always getting better. We just want to continue on that path,” Henderson added.

“The experiences of the Champions League and the Premier League last year can help us this season.”

“Football changes quickly, you can only focus on what’s in front of you. We will never forget what happened in Madrid [when Liverpool lost the 2018 Champions League final against Real Madrid] but we can use that in the right way. We want to achieve more as a team and be as successful as we can be.”

“We are capable of competing on all fronts in every competition we are in. The manager may want to bring players in but, if not, we have a fantastic squad of players who are hungry and can keep us on track.”

“We have to keep learning from the manager and I’m sure if we do that there will be more success stories to tell in the future.”

The rivals will remain the same.

Jurgen Klopp already said it when he won the Champions League during the press conference, he spoke to Pep Guardiola and told him he would be glad to kick his ass during the new season.

We all know that the title contenders will be those two clubs, but nobody should discard any of the other four top clubs in the country.

Tottenham Hotspur is right up there with the other two clubs, Arsenal seems slightly less dangerous, Manchester United will be more rested without the Champions League, and Chelsea is the wildcard of this tournament.

Every single club out of that Top 6 can get Liverpool on a bad day, the Reds know they will need to defeat them at their own stadium if they want that trophy.

The key to this possible success will always remain Jurgen Klopp, he is the glue that puts this whole team together and they won’t be able to win anything if it isn’t for him.

The German coach is arguably the best manager in the world right now, he has everything to win the award that acknowledges him as such by FIFA.

We can’t wait for the new season to start already!

Will Liverpool break the curse and finally win the Premier League? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.