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Jordan says Rafa Benitez was only focused on himself

Rafael Benitez
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The former Crystal Palace chairman believes the Spaniard didn’t care about Newcastle United when he was coaching in the English Premier League.

According to Simon Jordan, the former chairman of Crystal Palace, Rafael Benitez had a hard time at Newcastle United because of his own ego.

“I’m not saying I wasn’t impressed by Rafa Benitez, I think he’s done a decent job,” Jordan told talkSPORT.

“But I want to call him out for what he is, rather than what people’s illusion of him is.”

“I think he’s an ambitious football manager, who is centered on one thing – himself,” he added.

“I’m of the mentality that Benitez would have used Newcastle for a stepping stone if a better opportunity in the Premier league came around. He would have gone and not looked back.”

“The only reason he’s gone to China is for the money,” Jordan added.

“Football may be all about that, and I might be slightly idealistic in my aspiration for it not to be.”

He explained: “But with Benitez, he’s taken a swipe at Mike Ashley on the way out and I suspect the reason why he’s gone is he can’t get exactly what he wants when he wants it.

“Well, I’ve got a news flash for football managers and football people – in the real world, where most of us have to exist, we can’t get exactly what we want when we want!”

“Now, I’m not going to support Mike Ashley,” continued Jordan.

“Anytime I say something about Newcastle and it seems to be balanced people turn around and say, ‘that’s because you’re Ashley’s mate’.”