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Jordi Cruyff urges Barcelona to go after Matthijs De Ligt

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During the annual Johan Cruyff Foundation’s open house, Jordi Cruyff spoke about how important it’s for Barcelona to sign Matthijs de Ligt.

Even though we are currently watching Matthijs de Ligt performing in the UEFA Nations League, we can’t help but wonder if he will play at Barcelona.

The Dutch defender is arguably one of the most coveted players of the summer transfer window and he has the support of none other than Jordi Cruyff.

De Ligt paid homage to Jordi’s father after AFC Ajax won the double at the end of last season, this was a clear sign of loyalty to the biggest football legend the Netherlands has ever produced.

Matthijs de Ligt and Frenkie de Jong are the living representation of the Dutch way of playing football, they were magic together at AFC Ajax.

Jordi Cruyff understands this perfectly and that’s why he is urging FC Barcelona to make a massive effort to keep both players together.

But signing the defender has proven incredibly complicated due to the many clubs that are currently trying to sign him, he is delaying his decision because he is struggling to make it.

Even though Ronald Koeman recently revealed that he knows where De Ligt is playing next season.

The fans are biting their nails because they already want to know what his final decision will be.

But we are all going to have to wait until after the Nations League is over, which is next Monday.

Barcelona will always go to AFC Ajax for talent.

Ever since the Catalan club realized the massive talent pool that AFC Ajax has, they have always procured to sign their best players.

One could easily say that the Spanish giants are an improved version of what Ajax always aspired to be, but simply because they have greater economic power.

If the Dutch squad had more money and influence, they would be the ones that people consider the biggest club.

Destiny wanted Barcelona to turn to AFC Ajax once again during this transfer window, these two players truly are something special that the Catalan club simply cannot leave unnoticed.

Jordi Cruyff sent a stern warning to the club, because he knows that De Ligt is exactly the kind of player they want to sign in order to dominate football over the next decade.

These type of defenders appear once every generation, he already is one of the best in the world at the age of 19.

“As a norm, I believe a club like Barça should always be looking into the players Ajax has because they are the step before coming here,” said Jordi via Diario AS.

“The impudence these players have is exactly what can make them shine at Barcelona. We currently don’t know what De Ligt’s situation is.”

“It is important to understand that De Jong is still young and he is coming to a new country.”

“We have to give him time to adapt because Barcelona is no ordinary club. This level of performance is very specific and we have to give him time to reach it.”

“We are going to have to take him through the road, we can’t simply plunge him into competitive football.”

“What would I advice De Ligt? I already told the board about both players back in December and January.”

“The Dutch national team has been asleep for many years, they didn’t seem to improve. But these young players came and managed to bring the squad back to life.”

“I know what De Ligt will experience here because he grew up with a similar style of play to Barcelona.”

“But the people who need to make this decision are the ones who call the shots. Barça and the Netherlands will always have a special connection for many reasons.”

“People have a special type of admiration for the club in Holland. I really don’t know what is going to happen.”

“De Ligt is a very special talent, he is worth the effort from the club. I can’t say I see many players as good as he is that are also 19 years old.”

“He still has a lot to learn but he has special skills. If the club has to make the effort, I believe they should go for it. I think he is a player with a spectacular future ahead of him,” he concluded.

Do you agree with Jordi Cruyff, or should Barcelona go for another defender in the transfer market? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.