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Jorge Mendes squashes Ronaldo’s latest transfer rumors

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In a recent short statement, Jorge Mendes squashed Cristiano Ronaldo’s latest transfer rumors that spoke about his exit from Juventus. 

There have been recent rumors about Cristiano Ronaldo that Jorge Mendes wanted to put to bed in a recent short statement. As you might already know, Sporting CP just won the Portuguese league title. This is Ronaldo’s childhood club and his mother’s favorite squad, which makes this victory a little more personal. There were images of Dolores Aveiro celebrating the title with many of her friends in Lisbon. During those celebrations, she revealed that he is willing to convince her son to return to the club.

All of this was in the heat of the moment, she didn’t really think her statements would go viral. But this is Ronaldo we are talking about, everything related to him goes viral instantly. After his mother’s statement, Ronaldo remained silent apart from his public congratulations to his former club for winning the league. But his agent can say whatever he wants in regards to his top client’s future. 

Mendes reveals if Ronaldo will play at Sporting. 

As you might imagine, Cristiano Ronaldo is simply too big for Sporting CP at the moment. His focus is currently on trying to win another Champions League title before he turns 40 years of age. Whether that’s in Italy or in another major European league, that is still very much in the air. There are rumors linking him to either PSG or a sensational return to Manchester United.

Also, playing in the MLS does seem like a bigger priority than returning to his childhood club at the moment. His mother will have to wait for a little while longer, as Jorge Mendes just said this to Record: “Cristiano is proud of the title won by Sporting CP as he has publicly demonstrated. But, for the moment, his plans do not include Portugal.”