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Jorginho and Emerson don’t want Sarri to leave

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The Chelsea duo has publicly asked their manager not to leave them, as the coach is rumored to be joining Juventus next season.

Chelsea footballers Jorginho and Emerson have come out and publicly asked their coach Maurizio Sarri not to leave the club.

The Italian manager is rumored to be joining Lega Serie A giants Juventus over the summer.

But the duo doesn’t want to see him leave, as it would mean he is also betraying his Napoli fans.

“It would be sad because I think [Sarri] did a good job,” Jorginho told The Standard.

“We finished third in the Premier League, we won the Europa League and we reached the EFL Cup final despite all the critics.”

“It was a good first season in Chelsea. It would be sad for everyone,” he added.

“The Napoli fans still have him in their hearts; it’s normal that they could get angry.”

“They could treat it as a betrayal; they’re like that,” he commented.

“We’ll see what happens.”

His teammate Emerson also talked about this subject: “It’s difficult to talk about that. I think he had – and we had – a good season.”

“It’s not been easy, but he has to stay at Chelsea. Never say never in football, though. We have to keep on doing our job.”