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Jorginho – This Italy play football like Brazilians

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Italy’s Jorginho feels he and his young Italy teammates are playing football Brazilian style.

The Chelsea midfielder, Jorginho was in fact born in Brazil and moved to Italy as a teenager.

He has since acquired dual nationality and has chosen to represent the Azzurri.

So if we want to be technical there is a little more Selecao touch about Roberto Mancini’s Italian side than meets the eye.

But Jorginho is of the opinion that Italy is playing the kind of entertaining, free-flowing attacking football. that is akin to Brazil.

Speaking after Italy’s 9-1 victory against Armenia, in an interview reported by Football Italia, Joginho just wants to please the fans more than anything.

He said:

“Maybe there is a little bit of Brazil in this Italy!”

“We have an attacking approach, positive, we could’ve held back, but even with respect for our opponents, we wanted to keep enjoying our football.”

“We are entertaining the crowd who came to the stadium to see us.”