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Jose laments about injury-prone United

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Jose Mourinho moaned about Manchester United’s lack of physicality and blamed most of the injury-prone players.

The Red Devils were annihilated by leaders Liverpool in a 3-1 defeat at Anfield meaning they are 19 points behind their arch-rivals and 11 points off the top four after just 17 games.

Speaking in his post-match press conference, United manager Mourinho was brutally honest about which qualities his side are lacking, and used Liverpool’s physicality and energy as an example of what to aim for.

“First of all, we have lots of problems related to physicality,” the United boss told Sky. “We have lots of players that I could consider ‘injury-prone’, because some of our players are always injured. And it’s not with me, it was before me.

“If you look to the stats with Mr.Van Gaal, and before him with David [Moyes], that period there were players that were permanently injured. When you are permanently injured, physicality is difficult to get. Then there are qualities that a player has, and doesn’t have, you cannot improve and cannot make them have.

“I give you an example; Robertson, Mane, Salah, Wijnaldum, Keita, Fabinho, they are physical players. On top of that, they are good players technically.

“I also have lots of good players technically, but we don’t have lots of players with that intensity, with that physicality. So when the game has high levels of intensity, it is difficult for us.”