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Jose Mourinho remembers ‘Invincible’ Arsene Wenger

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During his latest intervention on beIN Sports last Tuesday, Jose Mourinho took some time to remember ‘Invincible’ Arsene Wenger.

One of the most talked-about rivalries in the English Premier League was the one between Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea and Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal, the Portuguese coach took the trolling to a whole new level with the experienced French manager.

Things escalated to a point that the Gunners’ boss really couldn’t stand how rude the Portuguese manager could get against him, there were several moments in which he flat out disrespected the experienced coach with statements that directly criticized his lack of success.

During the time that both managers faced each other, Jose Mourinho proved a certain level of dominance over the Frenchman because Arsenal’s best era was in the past.

The ‘Special One’ arrived right after one of the most intense moments of the rivalry between Wenger and Sir Alex Ferguson, he came with a wallet filled with money and the capacity to compete for the title almost instantly.

Whilst Manchester United were able to fight against Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea due to their economic power, the Gunners weren’t that fortunate and Arsene Wenger didn’t really stand a chance.

The last great season that the French manager had as the Arsenal manager came during the 2005-06 season, one in which Jose Mourinho won the Premier League but saw the Gunners go all the way to the UEFA Champions League final against FC Barcelona.

But on the domestic level, there was really no contest, Jose Mourinho’s dominance was too great for the other London sides to withstand.

Watching the best Arsenal of that decade play against the best Chelsea led by Jose Mourinho would’ve been a real treat, even the Portuguese manager has to recognize greatness when he saw it and he recently spoke frankly about the French manager’s incredible achievement of winning the Premier League without losing a single match.

That ‘Invincibles’ squad will be remembered forever as the first club that won the competition with an unbeaten run, Mourinho might have been ruthless when he competed against Wenger but he sure knows when to stand up and take his hat off against the manager who achieved something unique in English football.

The Portuguese manager spoke about Arsene as well as about Claudio Ranieri, the other manager who achieved something quite unique with Leicester City.

During his long intervention on beIN Sports that Diario AS reported, Mourinho said the following about Wenger: “The easiest way to remember Arsene Wenger is to say that he was the only kind of his species.”

“In today’s football, it is impossible for a manager to coach for ten, fifteen, or twenty years at the same club. He is the last one who accomplished that.”

“I really don’t think that we will ever see another manager remaining more than ten years in a single club. In today’s world, players come and go, the pressure is immense for the manager. You make a great season but the next one is always a little worse…”

“There is enormous pressure, there is a tendency to always change. Today’s norms dictate that the managers cannot stay at the same club for a long time. If we are talking about football, Wenger is the manager who coached the ‘Invincibles’.”

“Ranieri, for example, is the manager whom I call ‘The Miracle’, for the title that he won with Leicester City.”

“But Wenger is the one who coached the ‘Invincibles’: he won the Premier League with Arsenal without losing a single match and that remains through time.”

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