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Jose Mourinho reveals how he defeated Barcelona in 2010

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During a tactical Master Class for The Coaches Voice, Jose Mourinho broke down his secret on how to stop Barcelona and Messi from 2010.

The 2010 Champions League semifinal from 2010 will go down as one of the most memorable moments in Jose Mourinho’s career.

The Portuguese manager was one of the most talented coaches in the world at that moment, he faced the biggest challenge of his career.

When he was coaching Internazionale Milano, Mourinho encountered Pep Guardiola’s powerful Barcelona side in the semifinals.

The boss had a very specific plan on how to stop the Catalan club and the key was to create a cage against Lionel Messi, who still is Barcelona’s key player today.

Jurgen Klopp should take a quick look at this explanation from Mourinho and use some of his advice for today’s match at Anfield Road.

The former Inter manager was the only coach who scored three or more goals against that Barcelona squad during a competitive match, he did it in the first leg.

The return match was another tactical master class from Jose but he played a much more defensive proposal after Thiago Motta was sent-off.

“Obviously, the key to our strategy to beat them was mainly when we recovered the ball and in the following transition,” said Mourinho on The Coaches’ Voice.

“We were very compact on the defensive stage, putting the position of Pandev and Eto’o very back, countering their descents on the Maxwell and Dani Alves belts.”

“The key was to attack the spaces that their exteriors left uncovered when they went offensive.”

“Maicon was really phenomenal in doing that job in that game and committing Maxwell, one who is very strong in possession of the ball but not as strong when he is called to defend.”

“On the other side there was Dani Alves, one who always went deep to attack the space left by our exterior, concerned to double more centrally on Messi.”

“Our aim was to put Puyol and Piqué in a difficult position, even though they were very exposed.”

“In the Spanish league they were not used to having to recover in the defensive spaces, and we were very quick to hit them right there.”

“It was essential to defend as a single block, and then attack with 4-5 men.”

“It seems absurd to say this when we had 30% of possession against 70% of our opponents, but after the 3-1 we were in total control of the game and even went many times close to the fourth goal.”

“They were very well trained in immediately trying to regain the ball once lost, but we had the right mentality to counterattack quickly.”

“I knew that Maicon would arrive in the opposing area many times, but like him also Pandev, Sneijder, and Eto’o. ”

Jose’s biggest achievement as a professional manager.

The ultimate result from the magical semifinal series against FC Barcelona for Inter, wasn’t just the reward of playing the Champions League final vs Bayern.

The real treat after achieving such a massive milestone was a couple of things for Mourinho and his players.

The first one being Jose’s impressive resume statistic of being the only manager who outsmarted Pep Guardiola at the peak of his moment.

The other achievement was collective, it means that Internazionale had the chance to win the first Treble from an Italian club in football history.

To those who know Serie A football, you know that winning a Treble for a club from that country is nearly impossible.

Calcio is arguably the most defensive type of football in the world and winning all the tournaments usually never happens, but Jose Mourinho did it.

It’s interesting to watch Jose Mourinho explain the way in which he managed to stop Lionel Messi back then, who was arguably faster than he is today.

Perhaps Klopp could to the same at Anfield, we will find out in a few hours.

Do you think Jurgen Klopp will take an approach that is similar to Jose Mourinho’s when he coached Inter? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.