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Jose Mourinho sends Joao Felix an ominous warning

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With all the new challenges that are coming for Joao Felix, Jose Mourinho wanted to send a message to the Atletico Madrid new star.

With great power comes great responsibility, that seems like a cliche but Jose Mourinho basically told this to Joao Felix.

As a fellow Portuguese man, the manager felt the need to speak up in regards to the appearance of the Benfica product.

His arrival to Atletico Madrid has suddenly tripled his level of responsibility, this might seem like too much for a teenager but Jose Mourinho believes Felix can handle it.

During an analysis of his compatriot, the former Chelsea manager wanted to remind the world that Joao is a player for Atletico Madrid and the Colchoneros can no longer be considered a small club.

The investment they made for this youngster proves that they are already attracting a higher form of competition.

Shying away from being considered amongst the best clubs in the world would be a huge mistake by Atletico, and Joao Felix is right in the middle of it.

Mourinho spoke about his compatriot in the most honest possible manner, just like Jose usually does when somebody asks for his opinion.

Jose recently took a new job as a commentator for Sky Sports, this happened in the wake of realizing that he wouldn’t get an offer from a club he liked for this new season.

Jose Mourinho is very aware of how important Joao Felix’s appearance has been for football, he spoke about the kid as if he knew him personally.

The analysis of Atletico Madrid’s recent spending was also on the table, something that Jose Mourinho also discussed.

“Joao has a challenge that is just as big as his talent and as great as the investment that his club has done for him,” said Jose via Diario AS.

“I believe he can’t run away from that responsibility. It really doesn’t matter if you are 18. 20, or 25 years old.”

“What matters is how talented and responsible you can be for your club. And that responsibility is the same responsibility that comes through the numbers.”

“He simply can’t run from it. The level of investment that Atletico Madrid made this season, leaves them with a huge responsibility to play in order to win the UEFA Champions League this season.”

“Of course Real Madrid and Barcelona always have to be there, they must be included there due to their economic potential, quality, and culture alone.”

“Atletico lived behind these responsibilities in recent years, but they made an incredible level of investment this season.”

“This is the time to tell the world they are willing to compete, they are a great club, that they want to be a great club, and they came here to win titles,” he concluded.

Mourinho could coach Felix in the future.

Given that Jose Mourinho already has the plan to coach the Portugal National Team before he retires from management, his path with Joao Felix will meet down the line.

We all believed that Mourinho wasn’t going to have the opportunity to train a player who was as good as Cristiano Ronaldo for his national team, but Felix’s sudden appearance changed the conversation.

Suddenly, Mourinho has something very exciting to look forward to. He might not get to coach Cristiano by the time he decides to take his shot at the national team, but Felix will be at his peak when that happens.

If everything works out the way we all expect, we can already see Joao Felix taking over Ronaldo’s position in the Portugal National Team.

Jose Mourinho must be thrilled with the idea of being that manager who can take his own country to glory in a World Cup, with a player as talented as Joao Felix performing as the team’s top player.

Felix is arguably one of the most pleasant surprises of this new season in world football, he might do great things with Atletico Madrid on his debut season.

Jose Mourinho can already smell this kid’s talent from miles away.

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