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Jose Mourinho unsure about Christian Eriksen future

Christian Eriksen
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Jose Mourinho has claimed that he will try to figure out Christian Eriksen’s decision regarding his future at Tottenham.

Jose Mourinho dropped Christian Eriksen for his first league match with Tottenham. The manager picked Eric Dier and Harry Winks ahead of the Dane, who was dropped to the bench.

Ahead of Spurs’ match against West Ham, Jose Mourinho revealed his reason for not naming Eriksen on the teamsheet. The Portuguese said that he needs to clear up the air about Eriksen’s future at the club.

“It’s not just about continuity, of course, the match today is very very important, but our future is also very very important,” he said as per Daily Mail.

“I need to understand what is in Christian’s mind and heart. You have to make the right decision for the club.

“We have to make the right decision for the club. But on top of that, I believe that Lucas (Moura) and Sonny (Son Heung-min) and Harry Kane – they are players with a good understanding.

“We’re going to try and find, in the little time we’ve had to work, some positions and some dynamic where they can hurt the opposition and let’s see if we can do it.

“I like the ideas, but I like to work the ideas and this today is more about ideas than to work them. So let’s see if we can find happiness,” Jose Mourinho insisted.