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Jose Mourinho vows not to misuse Harry Kane

Harry Kane
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Jose Mourinho has insisted that he understands the capabilities of Harry Kane.

Jose Mourinho will make his return to the Premier League today as Tottenham will play West Ham away from home. Mourinho will tweak his squad as per his will in the quest to climb up the league table.

With Mourinho’s arrival, many players who previously were unwilling to stay are reconsidering their futures in London. Harry Kane is one of the players. The Portuguese insisted that he will help Kane win trophies with Tottenham.

“You are not going to see Harry Kane playing left-back, that’s for sure,” Mourinho said to Daily Mail.

“He’s one of the best strikers in the world. He’s one of the best strikers in the world, no doubt, no doubt. He just needs his team, with him, if his team is England or if his team is Tottenham, he just needs his team to bring him, or to go with him to the next level.

“And what is the next level? Titles.

“I think he needs to win, with us, with England, he needs to bring something to highlight the quality that he has as a player,” Jose Mourinho claimed.

“The goals he scores, what he brings to the team. Top striker. I’ve worked with some of the top ones.”