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Jose Mourinho’s biggest friends and enemies in football


Now is a better time than never to speak about some of the most notorious friends and enemies that Jose Mourinho has had during his managerial career.

It’s a complicated week for Jose Mourinho at Manchester United, perhaps the most complicated since he became the Red Devils manager because he has made two enemies inside the club that may get him sacked. The situation with Paul Pogba wasn’t new due to the disagreements they had last season that resulted in the French midfielder getting benched for the better part of the season, but the new enemy he made is Ed Woodward and this might just be one of Jose Mourinho’s greatest mistakes in football. But Jose has his fair share of enemies as well as friends, we took the time to list just a few of the many he’s made over the years in professional football and tell about the backstory behind those relationships. We will tell you about two of the biggest friends and two of the biggest enemies he made in football before Manchester United, a habit that could become the Portuguese manager’s ultimate downfall.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic (friend).

Already from their time at Internazionale Milano back when Jose became the world’s best manager again in Italian football, Zlatan Ibrahimovic was very happy to work with the Portuguese manager and delivered some of his best performances ever with the Italian giants. But in 2009, Zlatan decided to try and play for Josep Guardiola because he was the biggest manager in football and he may have committed the biggest mistake of his career. Just a year later Zlatan saw how Jose Mourinho defeated Pep Guardiola in one of the most brilliant tactical battles in the Champions League’s history, something that earned Zlatan’s respect and admiration towards Mourinho for life. Years later the two worked together again at Manchester United and things were going incredible until the Swedish striker injured his knee and never played at the same level for the Red Devils. Both of their personalities are similar, they are both winners and understand each other.

Mino Raiola (enemy).

Having Zlatan Ibrahimovic as one of his top clients didn’t stop infamous player agent Mino Raiola from developing a horrible business relationship with Jose Mourinho, the two did get along when the Swedish striker arrived in Manchester United but the situation with Paul Pogba is what sent everything down the drain. Raiola doesn’t want Paul Pogba to remain at the club under the Portuguese manager because he feels like his client is not playing at the full extent of his abilities, which is delaying his rise to become the best player in the world. Mourinho saw the agent’s intentions from a mile away and started a war that hasn’t stopped to this day. This whole drama will only stop when Pogba is out of Manchester United or Mourinho gets sacked, the situation cannot be fixed anymore and both men can’t stand each other.

Pep Guardiola (a friend turned enemy).

This one is perhaps the most important of all the relationships, because its history has been a rollercoaster of emotions between both managers and today they try to keep it as civil as possible due to their past friendship in Barcelona. Jose Mourinho was an assistant manager when Pep was still a player back in the nineties, they developed a great friendship but everything changed when Guardiola took the opportunity to become Barcelona’s manager from Mourinho during the summer of 2008. From that moment forward Mourinho started coaching Real Madrid and they had some very nasty confrontations, that were mostly driven by Jose Mourinho’s resentment. The rest from that moment forward as they say, is history.


John Terry (friend).

Arguably one of the biggest friends that Jose Mourinho has in football, who alongside Frank Lampard gave the Portuguese manager his most memorable moments as a professional with Chelsea. Jose has a long line of players who developed a healthy friendship with, Terry may be the most loyal of the bunch but there are so many who always defended him even when he made terrible mistakes. The list includes illustrious names like Deco, Marco Materazzi, Alvaro Arbeloa, Xavi Alonso, Aitor Karanka, and many more. But Jose also developed bad relationships with players like the one he has with Paul Pogba, he didn’t get along with players like Sergio Ramos, Pepe, Cristiano Ronaldo, Anthony Martial, and most notably Iker Casillas who received a lot of hate from the Real Madrid fans thanks to Jose Mourinho’s poor social skills.


Which other names would you add to this list of friends and enemies that Jose Mourinho has developed over the years? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.