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Josh Kroenke defends dad as supporter frustration grows

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Josh Kroenke has leapt to the defense of his father Stan as the Arsenal owner continues to be on the receiving end of criticism from the club’s supporters.

Josh Kroenke has responded to the famous #wecaredoyou campaign launched by Arsenal supporters by telling fans that the Kroenke family has the club’s best interest in its hearts.

In an unprecedented show of unity, the club’s fans lashed out at the Kroenke family and demanded them to show their ambition in a bid to return Gunners to their glory days.

Under the stewardship of Stan Kroenke, Arsenal have pretty much stagnated and have been unable to make any waves in the transfer window.

However, Josh, Kroenke’s son says that the club needs stability and pointed out at the hiring of Edu as technical director as one of the most important decisions the club has taken.

“I’d like to start by clarifying that my family owns Arsenal together, and when it comes to the Club, my father and I are in constant dialogue,” he said as reported by Goal.com.

“So when you hear from him you are hearing from me, and the other way round. So I pen this on behalf of myself, my father, my family and Kroenke Sports & Entertainment.

“We know we have some of the most passionate fans in any sport, anywhere in the world. It’s part of what makes us such a special and unique Club.

“And while we understand, appreciate, and agree with concerns about our Club failing to achieve our goal of qualifying for the 2019-20 Champions League, we respectfully disagree about our Club being at a crossroads and that things need to change because so much change has recently occurred.”

“He [Edu] is first and foremost an Arsenal man who understands the ethos of our Club and, as an Invincible, he understands the mentality required from top to bottom across the entire Club for us to return to the level at which we all expect to be competing,” said Kroenke.