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Journalist says Bielsa’s press conference was “a tactical masterclass”

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According to Tim Thornton, the press couldn’t believe how Leeds United manager Marcelo Bielsa prepared before each of his Championship games.

After being accused of spying on Derby County before their Championship match, Leeds United manager Marcelo Bielsa called for a press conference.

There, the Argentinean explained not only that he has spied on all his rivals this season, but also he explained how he prepares for every game.

“We didn’t know what to expect today when we arrived. Marcelo Bielsa has called a briefing but we were not sure what to expect. It was absolutely incredible. He spoke with great knowledge, great passion,” Sky Sports reporter Tim Thornton said.

“We go to press conferences every week in this job and this is something you never see. He gave us an incredible amount of detail about the amount of preparation that goes into each game.”

“Everybody in the room was looking at each other, almost in amazement. It was a tactical masterclass from Bielsa,” he commented.

“The level of detail that he went into and the amount of time that he must have spent preparing the presentation for us today, and then he talked in detail about what he does for each opponent that Leeds play.”

“He told us that he and his team watched all of Derby County’s 51 games last season, so he broke it down into Derby in this instance and was calling out into the room ‘pick a game, pick a game’ and they were all numbered on the wall chart that he had. He would then go into a game and would break it down into different sections,” Thornton explained.

“He closed it by saying he was stupid because he didn’t need all this information and then he got up and walked off.”